Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Radio 1

I've been for the first session of radiation to the Monster Boob today. My second hospital appointment of the day - the first being this morning to see the physio for another armpit massage.

The radiotherapy is being carried out at a different hospital to the rest of my treatment as there are only four or five radiotherapy suites in the West Midlands (I can't remember exactly - chemo brain again!).

This means instead of it being a 25 minute walk from my flat, I have to walk to a train station in the city centre and get the train through to the hospital. Every day for three weeks. Bit of a ball ache (or boob ache I guess you could say).

They give you a very fetching gown to wear which makes you feel a little bit like you belong in a downmarket massage parlour.... Here I am sporting said gown:

But first let me take a selfie.....

I look totally shattered due to being sleep deprived by menopause inducing drugs so apologies for that!

Anyway, they take you in to a room and you are faced with a machine that looks a bit like this:

I didn't have to chance to take a photo of the actual radiotherapy machine today, however I will try my best to get a portrait of the beast before my treatment is over.

The 'bed' in front of the machine looks like some sort of space age torture contraption, with 'stirrups' for your arms and head. If you've ever had a smear test - think that. Just for the other end of your body.

The whole process only took about 10 minutes but once again was wholly undignified -  having to lie there half naked with your arms above your head whilst two (very sweet) radiographers measure you up and talk numbers over you. However, my dignity upped and left a long time again - I think the final shreds of it slivered out of the room whilst in was i hospital after my surgery so that's by the by.

So far, the only side effect I've had is a warm boob but I've been told it will probably be next week after a few sessions when I start to experience tiredness and sore skin. 

As cancer treatment goes, this definitely beats having a boob cut off or poison injected in to my veins. However, I don't want to count my chickens just yet. Plenty of time for side effects! 

One down, fourteen to go ........

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