Thursday, 9 April 2015

Just Brow-sing

A little while ago, Debbie - who is married to one of my brother's friends - contacted me and offered to 'tattoo' my eyebrows - at no cost! When I say tattoo I mean what is called semi permanent make up. What with chemo and surgery, I wasn't able to take up her offer until recently. So a couple of weeks ago I went to Debbie's clinic in Doncaster, South Yorkshire to have my brows done.

I cannot recommend Debbie highly enough. She is absolutely lovely and incredibly skilled. The whole process took about three hours, which included about 45 minutes of drawing the brows on beforehand as Debbie does them freehand rather than using stencils. That coupled with her hair stroke technique results in a very natural effect. Debbie also spends time choosing the right colour for your skin tone and the right brow shape to suit your face. I went for a slightly thicker arch which gives a kind of face lift effect.

Here was the result a day or two after:

Debbie uses a two or three step approach. As she said to me, you can add colour but you can't take it away! Its better to be cautious with the colour than ending up with very bold brows that don't really fit your face. You could end up looking like this:

No one wants that.....

Debbie will be adding a little more colour to mine a few weeks once they have settled down.

Here is are my brows about a week or so later:

And here they are on my face in their full glory:

The process is carried out using a small needle and 'tattoo' gun and does smart a bit but compared to having chemo and losing a breast it's nothing more than a tickle!

For all my fellow chemo girls starting out, I would highly recommend having your brows done before you start if you can afford it. I toyed with the idea but didn't go ahead and now I really wish I had. Losing my eyebrows was almost worse than losing my hair. Never underestimate the difference that your eyebrows make to your face! Make sure you chose your clinician carefully however and that you are able to see examples of their work beforehand. If you can, I would highly recommend going to see Debbie!

Although my brows are growing back now they are still quite sparse almost four months after chemotherapy finished and I was still drawing them on. Now I no longer need to bother. I have lovely perfect brows with no effort and they are still there when my make up comes off! Debbie's gesture was so generous and has helped to increase my confidence in my appearance at a time when it was collapsed on the floor unconscious and I can't thank her enough.

More information about Debbie's clinic, treatment and prices can be found at

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  1. Bootiful! I kept hearing about this but just couldn't imagine anything other than a grey line whereas the effect is amazing. I'd love to have had mine done - still would, eight months after the end of chemo and they're still quite bear and patchy- and I agree, I found the eyebrows and eyelashes going actually worse than the hair on my head because you can wear a wig but there ain't much for the face. But of course, there are
    now tats!