Sunday, 8 March 2015

International Women's Day 2015 Love-in!

Today is International Women's Day. Let's face it - women are fucking brilliant. So I've written this post to recognise some of the women in my life who are very important to me and make the world a better place by being in it!

To my female friends who are not mentioned by name in this post, please don't be offended -  I love you very much and I want thank you for all your support during the last few months.

My mum: she has been my rock throughout my diagnosis and my treatment. I can't begin to imagine how hard it must  have been  for her to watch her child go through such a horrific experience and still manage to keep it together as she has. I will never be able to thank her enough for all that she has done for me. I love her to the moon and back.

Tara: one of my closest friends who I admire greatly. She is clever and successful and has had to deal with so much, well - shit, frankly but has still been there for me constantly during my illness and treatment. 

Sally: Probably one of the nicest, patient and kind people I know and who has listened to me rant on many occasion and is always the voice of reason!

Rj and Angela:  two of my lovely friends who have been fantastic - from buying me lovely presents to visiting me in hospital and accompanying me on boozy nights out when I've been well enough!

Katie: currently undergoing treatment for her second cancer diagnosis and has still found the time to provide me with valauble support.

Rachel: my wonderful oldest friend and part time unicorn!

Natalie, Carly and Cat: three girles who I met in Thailand and am grateful to still be in touch with. Even though Natalie is battling with her own ill health she has never lost her sparkle!

My wonderful gang of breast cancer bitches. Six beautiful women, without whom I would definitely not have been able to get through the last few months. I speak to them everyday about EVERYTHING and in a way I am grateful for cancer because it has brought us together.

We recently met up in London and carnage ensued....

Lots of duckfaces...
Wig swapping...
And gossipping....
I want to say a little bit about each of them, so major slush alert!!

Sarah: I love this girl. She's kind and thoughtful and more beautiful and clever than she ever gives herself credit for.

Aimee: the sweetest thing ever! I think she has sugar running through her veins...

Cinzia: rock chick with an amazing smile and a fighting spirit.

Rosie: I want to be like Rosie when I grow up. She's has been dealt a shit hand but continues to handle it with complete elegance and class.

Andrea: bloody gorgeous and funny with tons of positivity.

JoJo: hilarious, talented and downright naughty. She has also been dealt a crappy blow, but she hasn't let it take away her vivacity and zest for life.

I have admiration and respect for these women by the bucket load.

Of course I need mention Victoria Yates, the founder of the Younger Breast Cancer Network, without which I would never have met them!

And haven't forgotten my other Younger Breast Cancer friends  - Heather, Diane, Tara, Nicola, Laura, Kate, Christina and Hannah to name just a few. You are all amazing Superwomen - thank you so much for being in my life and for being downright awesome.

And to finish I'd just like to say...


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