Thursday, 5 March 2015

Hair we go again!

Whilst my friend Sarah is writing deep blog posts about the meaning of life and death I am going to write one about......eyebrows!


And some eyelashes.

Basically this post is just an update on the old hair situation, following on from the one I wrote in December.

I had my last chemo session on the 16th of December 2014.


Amazing. I still have to draw my eyebrows on as they are still quite sparse and my upper lashes are not long enough yet for me to feel comfortable going without falsies but I can now put mascara on my lower lashes. That was a momentous occasion.

And it is definitely more than I had back in December, as seen below:

My chemo induced dark circles have also improved which is a bonus!

And here is my head:

And the back...

And the side:

I've shaved it once since I finished chemo - I think probably in January.

Even though it's still not enough to go without a wig, it's a lot more than I had way back when:

Smooth! Full on cancer patient mode.

I'm still using Fast shampoo and conditioner (yes, I actually condition my fluff) and the Lush shampoo bar which is a lot easier to take on trips away and takes up a lot less room in your suit case.

Unfortunately the arrival of head and face hair has also been accompanied by that of the leg and other body hair. So it's back to the razor. When I can be bothered. 

From the real to the fake - this post leads me nicely in to one about everything I've learned about wigs. Enjoy!

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