Wednesday, 24 December 2014


Our silliness is now an 'internet phenomenom'!

Chemobrow was started by the fantastic Sarah Perry a little while ago - we found a website full of examples of terrible eyebrows and decided to replicate the monstrosities in place of our own balding ones. Here are some of the results:

Divine I think you will agree.

Christmas Chemobrow was born the other day on the Younger Breast Cancer Network and the super talented JoJo (aka The Malignant Ginger ) created a Community Buzzfeed article about our super stunning brows and since then we've been winning the Internet! Sod Kim Kardashian - it's all about the YBCN girls.

This is only a tiny selection. Please feast your eyes on the glory that are our Christmas eyebrows - here are links to the front page Buzzfeed article, Good Housekeeping, Telegraph, Metro (which also features my mum's dog), ABC News and ITV News articles.

We even have our own hashtag! #christmaschemobrow

After a particularly rubbish few days this has cheered me up no end. Love the YBCN girls so much!

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