Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Keeping abreast of it - Part 2

I've been to the hospital today for a filling. But not of the tooth variety. I've had my implant inflated - or expanded. I also had a large amount of fluid drained from around the scar under my arm where my lymph nodes were taken out. The relief after this was done was amazing. Kind of like when you've been desperate for a pee for ages and you finally manage to find a toilet. I no longer feel like I've got a rolled up towel under my arm and it's a lot less painful.

The expander implant I have in has what is referred to as a port. I can actually feel this under my skin. This is where they put the needle in to inject to saline in to the implant to fill it up. The plastic surgeon used a magnet to locate the port and then inserted a needle in preparation for injecting the saline. However, in the process she found another pocket of fluid like the one under my arm, and so drained this one as well. Turns out that this fluid (stuff that actually wasn't supposed to be there) was what was giving my new breast a lot of its shape and after draining it, it looked rather like this:

Well, kind of. You get the picture.

However, after the injection of the saline, it looks decidedly more round again. Neither of the needles hurt. In fact, the skin on my breast is totally numb and I've been told will always remain so. I have to be careful about applying any sort of heat to that area as I won't actually feel it if it burns. In fact, you could probably set fire to it and I wouldn't actually notice. 

Back at the hospital next week for another session of boob inflation.....

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