Thursday, 23 October 2014

Tumours and eggs

A short and sweet blog post from me today just to update on a bit of news.

Just got back from hospital and a booby ultrasound appointment. My tumour has shrunk by 5mm hurrah! Its gone from 23mm to 18mm. Not a dramatic shrinkage but I still have three more chemo sessions to go of a different drug. So lets hope it smashes the s*it out of it!!

Also, a node that I was panicking about in my opposite armpit is perfectly normal in appearance and size. Funny what makes me happy at the moment!!

In other news, I shaved off my remaining stubble to try and even it out and also so I could tape my wig on. What with the stormy weather the other day I had visions of having to chase it down the street... Anyway, I now look like a boiled egg. Just need to find me a soldier! ;-)

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