Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Hotel Hospital

N.B. This post was written on the 1st of September.

So I spent last night in hospital. Started with a raging sore throat that got worse over the space of an hour so ended up calling the ‘helpline’ who told me to go to A and E. Oh joy. When your white blood cell levels dip too low during your chemotherapy cycle, it’s called being neutropenic and apparently a sore throat can be a sign of that.

So, off we trot to the hospital. I flashed my ‘chemo card’ - the VIP membership for a club no one wants to be in in – and got whisked through away from all the infectious people. It still means you have to wait for ages unfortunately, just not where people are coughing and spluttering. So, after a protracted wait in a cubicle listening to the melodious sounds of A and E, I’m told they want to keep me in for observation.

Turns out when you’re having chemo you get your own room yey! Like a really shit Travelodge. And I’ve stayed in a few of those!! But no tea making facilities sadly. Luckily I had my ‘hospital bag’ all packed and ready to go but had forgotten the most important thing –ear plugs! So what with that and the intermittent visits by doctors and nurses sleep was not forthcoming. But in the morning, after more poking and prodding and a chest x-ray (and some very cold, chewy toast) I was set free. Who’d have thought a sore throat would be a reason for a hospital stay? Welcome to the world of chemo!


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  1. Just discovered your diary, one of the most amusing reads. Sorry it's about such a tough subject but your an inspiration and your writing is ace. Hope you're doing well now?